The event will be organized by Sopaanam Arts, a brain child of Music lovers of Malaysia and India with the mission of delivering vibrant, youthful , value oriented productions and music awareness of our youth. It also serves to foster stronger, deeper bonds between the maestros of India and the music, dance and art lovers of Malaysia. Sopaanam arts adopts the policy of ‘giving equal opportunity to all’.

Sopaanam arts is appointed as the official Coordinator for Soorya India Festival, the prestigious art society of India. The First Prestigious production of Sopaanam arts is the release of Tamil Album “Nessippaya”

Participated and contributed to 1 Malaysia Program at Batu caves which was attended and appreciated by The Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Organized Kerala Piravi programme at Seremban and Brick Fields in Aid of Kandasamy Tirukoil Kumbhabhishekam Tirupani fund on 5th November 2009. Organised Workshop with Padmabhooshan Sri Dhananjayanji In Aid Of Sri.Ramakrishna Mission, Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya. Organised Soorya India Festival In Aid of underprivileged at Dewan Hamsa, Klang at 6th November 2009.Organised Soorya India Festival In Aid Of The Malaysian Association For The Blind on 7th November 2009.Organised Soorya India Festival In Aid Of Community Service Projects Of The Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital on 29th May 2010. . Organised Soorya India Festival In Aid Of Malaysian Association For The Blind on 11th June 2011. Organised Soorya India Festival In Aid of Cansurvive Centre Malaysia Berhad on 19th May 2012 and 13th July 2013 . Organised Onam Festival In Aid Of Prabhakaram Malaysia on 28th & 29th August 2012 and 16th September 2013 .



Soorya is a leading stage and film society, functioning with it’s head quarters in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, the southern most state of India. Soorya has chapters in 36 countries (in Europe, Gulf and Far East), 50 centers in 5 metros of India and 12 districts of Kerala. The society is heading towards 40 th year of its useful existence, catering to the needs of serious art enthusiasts, all over the globe.

Soorya is a full member of the National Film Archive of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Federation of Film Societies of India.

The main activities of Soorya include screening films of artistic excellence, presenting film directors and holding their retrospectives, organizing seminars and discussions, conducting festivals of music, dance, talk, video, theatre, painting, photography…. Soorya stands for good cinema and good stage programmes, also function as a platform for the promotion of young talents.

Soorya is a non profit making, non-commercial, voluntary organization with no office building or paid staff, any where in the world.

 In Aid of Sri Sidhi Vinayagar Temple Building Fund , Petaling Jaya


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