Soorya India Festival 2015


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Invitations of the Soorya India Festival is available at these following places :
1. Chapati .com
2. Ayur Centre
3. Temple of Fine Arts
4. Saravana Bhavan
5. Gem Restaurant
6. SWARA Community Arts Center

Contact details:
1) Mrs Chandran – 016 3180528
2) Mrs  Vinosree Shankar – 012 6959343
3) Ms Shanta Devi – 013 3857955



(1) Amjad Ali Khan


‘Imagine a violin virtuoso like Itzhak Perlman also being a direct descendant of Stradivarius, and you can come close to the stature of Indian Sarod master Amjad Ali Khan. Khan is a spiritual, expressive musician, a technically brilliant and inventive player.’ – The Inquirer, 2000

He was all of 6 years old when Amjad Ali Khan gave his first recital of Sarod. It was the beginning of yet another glorious chapter in the history of Indian classical music. Taught by his father Haafiz Ali Khan Amjad Ali Khan was born to the illustrious Bangash lineage rooted in the Senia Bangash School of music. Today he shoulders the sixth generation of inheritance in this legendary lineage.

After his debut, the career graph of this musical legend took the speed of light, and on its way the Indian classical music scene was witness to regular and scintillating bursts of Raga supernovas. Thus, the world saw the Sarod being given a new and yet timeless interpretation by Amjad Ali Khan. Khan is one of the few maestros who consider his audience to be the soul of his motivation. As he once said, “There is no essential difference between classical and popular music. Music is music. I want to communicate with the listener who finds Indian classical music remote.” In his case, the term ‘beauty of the Ragas’ acquires a special meaning as he has to his credit the distinction of having created many new Ragas. It is love for music and his belief in his music that has enabled him to interpret traditional notions of music in a new refreshing way, reiterating the challenge of innovation and yet respecting the timelessness of tradition.

 (2) Amaan Ali Khan


 ‘Impossibly fast handwork which once again brought the crowd to its feet’ – Savannah Morning News 2005

Amaan Ali Khan, is the eldest son and disciple of the Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan and grandson of Haafiz Ali Khan. He belongs to the seventh generation in an unbroken chain of the Senia Bangash School. He was initiated by his father into the fine art of Sarod playing and gave his first public performance at age eight.

Amaan’s musical style is marked by its precision in tunefulness, bold and resonant strokes, along with tradition and continuity of Indian Classical Music. Amaan’s performances have evoked creditable applause. Today, Amaan is considered one of the finest Sarod players in the world and has obtained a very special place for himself among music enthusiasts across continents. He is an inspiration for the younger generation of musicians. He continues to enchant audiences with his virtuosity, sheer brilliance and charismatic stage presence.

(3) Ayaan Ali Khan

ayaan ali khan

“Dreamy, exciting and dramatic…. Technically accomplished Player” – Songlines World Music Magazine, 2005

Ayaan Ali Khan represents the seventh generation of a musical lineage known as the Senia Bangash School. The younger son and disciple of the Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan, Ayaan stepped into the world of music and the Sarod, at a very early age, with confidence, clarity, consistency and technical mastery all of which he learnt at his father’s knees. Ayaan gave his solo debut when he was eight years old and has been performing concerts in India and abroad, since then. He has also assisted his illustrious father at concerts all over the world. Over the years today, Ayaan has carved out a special niche for himself in the world of music. His approach, vision and versatility make him an icon for the youth in the music industry. His contribution in making the Sarod a cross-over instrument in a variety of genres has projected him as an artist of high repute.

Ayaan has won the hearts of music lovers both in India and abroad. He made his UK debut in 1989 and US Debut in 1991 at the Asia Society in New York. From 1997 onwards Ayaan has performed regularly at the Carnegie Hall and Smithsonian in the US; Palais Beaux-Arts in Brussels; Chicago Symphony Center, ESPLANADE in Singapore; Summer Arts Festival in Seattle; and at the Edinburgh Music Festival and the Royal Festival Hall in London. He made his debut tour to Australia in 2003. Ayaan has played concerts at the WOMAD Festival in Adelaide and New Plymouth, World Beat Festival in Brisbane and at the Opera House in Sydney. Ayaan performed for HRH the Prince of Wales at St. James Palace for the Temenos Academy in 1997. In 2000, Ayaan joined his father at the Dalai Lama’s Sacred Music Festival inauguration in New Delhi From 2000 to 2001, Ayaan hosted a very popular music and talent show air on Zee TV called ‘Sa Re Ga Ma’, with his brother, Amaan. In November 2002, Ayaan co-authored a book with his brother, Amaan titled ‘Abba-God’s Greatest Gift to us’. This book was on his father’s life and was published by Roli Books, Lustre Publications under the ‘Family Pride Series’.

In Aid Of Cansurvive Centre Malaysia Berhad

(A Non Profit Cancer Charity Organisation)



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  1. What is the street address and the building name where the Soorya India Festival 2015 will be held in Kuala Lumpur? Thank you.


  2. hi there, how can we get tickets for this ?


    • Hi there, you can get the invitation to the Soorya India Festival at the following places:
      1. Chapati .com
      2. Ayur Centre
      3. Temple of fine arts
      4. Saravana Bhavan
      5. Gem Restaurant
      6. Swara Arts Gallery

      For more info, please contact:
      1) Mrs Chandran – 016 3180528
      2) Mrs Vinosree Shankar – 012 6959343
      3) Ms Shanta Devi – 013 3857955


  3. How much does the ticket cost?


  4. Hi there

    Do I need to pay or donate to get the invitation? if yes.. how much minimum donation?


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